How do I complete registraion?

Registration can be completed by requesting registration forms by email, or picking them up in person (recommended).  If you are unable to do this, you may contact the director to make other arrangements.  A short interview will be conducted after all forms are received.  We are happy to answer your questions at any point during the process.
Becky Inman 

What kind of payment plans do you offer?

Families can choose to pay tuition annually, by semester, or monthly (eight payments beginning in September.)  There is no additional charge to make monthly payments.

When does the school year start and end?

We start the week after Labor Day and end by Mid-May.

Do you have a list of your policies?

We have a parent/student handbook that will be given to those who have enrolled.  We will have an orientation night in August.

What is your policy concerning attendance?

Although we are not strict on attendance, it is in the student's best interest to not miss classes any more than necessary to keep from falling behind on projects and rehearsals.  Refunds are not given for classes missed.

Are there discounts available for parents willing to help or teach?

Occasionally, we have openings for teachers and assistants.  If you would like to place an application on file you may do so at any time.  Teachers are hired based on experience in the field they are desiring to teach.  Background checks are completed for each employee.

What are the schedules for the Elective classes?

Electives meet in the afternoon.  The schedule is set at registration but can change based on participation.  There is a minimum number of students needed for each elective.

Is there a place for parents who are not teaching to stay, or do we need to drop off our child and leave?

We recognize that many families drive quite a distance to attend CAFA.  Because of this, we have a quiet place set aside for parents who wish to stay and use the time to work on lesson plans, etc.  The church also has a small library that you are welcome to browse.  Background checks will be completed for those wishing to stay on the premises on a regular basis.

Is there a lunch period?

We do have a lunch period.  Academy classes end before lunch and for those not participating in afternoon electives, they are free to go.  However, most students stay for lunch and enjoy the time to socialize with friends.  Students bring their lunch and on the first day of the month, beginning in October, we have a "Pizza Day" for those who wish to participate.  There will be a place on your financial agreement to add Pizza Day in with you total tuition payment

Are there performances and other extra commitments required, and when would they be?

We do have performances and exhibits throughout the year to showcase the work of the students.  We try to keep non-class day rehearsals to a minimum, but they will be necessary at times as we draw closer to productions.  You will be given a calendar at the beginning of the year with important dates.  We will always try to give notice of changes and additions well in advance.

Is a refund given if we register now, but change our minds later?

Registration fees are non-refundable, so if you need until the deadline to think and pray about your decision to enroll that is completely understandable.  However, please know that space is limited and we have had to put students on a waiting list in the past.  Once the school year begins, you are obligated for the full amount of tuition.

Can my child just enroll in the afternoon electives?

Because we consider the Academy to be the foundation of our program, it is a requirement for all students.

Are the classes hands-on?

Although the classes do have some lecture time to introduce a concept, the vast majority of class time uses a hands-on approach to learning with creative activities.

Will there be homework assigned?

We know that your schedule is filled.  As a general rule, our teachers do not assign outside work.  From time to time, a teacher may request that the students spend some time at home in practice, especially as we draw closer to performances.

What is the difference between an Academy class and an Elective?

Our Academy classes are woven together with the thread of history.  The students will learn concepts as they relate to a historical time period.  The Electives offer more in-depth training in a certain area, not related to history.  For example, the Academy Art class may be discussing the origins of stain glass and how they were used in churches to tell a story, then follow it up by making their own masterpieces.    The Art Elective could be learning the principles of oil painting landscapes on that day.

Is the school affiliated with Grace Point at Eagle Heights church?

Although they graciously allow us to use their facilities, we are an independently structured organization.

My child has a break between Electives.  Do I need to pick them up, or is their a place for them to stay?

Students 6th grade and above will be given a study hall area with an adult present, free of charge.  Students 5th grade and under will be required to attend a supervised childcare area if you do not wish to pick them up.  The fee for this is $150 per class period/year.  The amount can be added in with tuition and paid monthly.  Please see the director for a discount if you need childcare for multiple class periods or for multiple children.