Penny Richey-History/Sewing Classes

April Anderson-Music/Band

Amy Harrison-Drama/Theater Classes

Rikki Rashall-Art

Madison Inman-Art Assistant

Dana Roberts-Primary History & Art

Ashley Ramon-Primary Music & Drama

Tracey Benoit-Primary Aide

Becky Book-Beginner Photography/Yearbook & Photography/Culinary Arts

Mark Strebeck-Choir/Musical Theater

Jonathan Strebeck-Percussion Assistant

Dawn Wissing-Elective Assistant

Kevin Inman-Video Production

Vicki Walton-Student Aide/Child Care

December Loden-Staff Assistant/Sewing & Quilting/ Elementary Science Club

Carla Reichert-Beginner Keyboarding

Leslie Henson-Assistant Director

Becky Inman-Director





Our staff is full of highly qualified Christian instructors devoted to serving students & developing their talents for the glory of God.