CAFA Schedule of Fees 2018-2019


Classes meet each TUESDAY from September-November
and January-May for a total of 28 weeks throughout the school year.

Annual Registration Fee is $50.00 for returning students, family maximum of $150.00
and $75.00 for new students with a family maximum of $200.00.

Academy Tuition (per student):

First child $625_____               Second child $375_____        Third child $250____

Fourth child $250_____          Fifth child $250_____               Sixth child $250_____

Tuition includes: one t-shirt, curriculum, instructors, & most supplies.  Periodically, there may additional fees depending on the program in which your student is enrolled.  We try to keep these costs to a minimum.  Students will be asked to bring some basic supplies at the beginning of the year.

Electives are a collection of various art related opportunities that are offered after the Academy classes. The annual fees per student are listed below and may be added to your tuition and paid with your monthly installments.

The Electives we are offering for the 2018-2019 school year are:

Primary Art (K-2 grades)                                                     ($200) _____

Secondary Art 1 (3rd-6th grade)                                         ($200) _____

Secondary Art 2 (7th-12th grade)                                       ($200) _____

Beginning Band (4th-12th grade)                                       ($200) _____

Intermediate Band (4th-12th grade)                                   ($200) _____

Percussion Band (4th-12th grade)                                      ($200) _____

Elementary Choir (K-5th grade)                                          ($200) _____

Choir (6th-12th grade)                                                          ($200) _____

Musical Theater (6th-12th grade)                                        ($200) _____

Elementary Theater (3rd-5th grade)                                   ($200) _____

Theater Production (8th-12 grade)                                      NOT offered this year

Sewing & Quilting (6th-12th grade)                                     ($200) _____

Yearbook & Photography (8th-12th grade)                         ($200) _____

Stix & Song (3rd-8th grade)                                                 NOT offered this year

Video Production (7th-12th grade)                                      ($200) _____

Child Care (K4-5th grade)                                                    ($150 annual fee) _____


                                                                      Academy tuition TOTAL________ Elective tuition TOTAL_________

**use this sheet to total your tuition fees for your financial agreement form, then TURN this form in with your Registration Packet**



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